Doughnut Economics

Sharing Neighbourhoods in Wolverhampton with Saffi Price

Sharing Neighbourhoods in Wolverhampton

Would you like to become a neighbourhood economist for the 21st century? If that sounds complicated, it really isn’t! If you are interested in making changes that benefit people and planet, then you may want to start here.

Kate Raworth, in her book Doughnut Economics, puts forward ‘seven ways to think like a 21st-century economist’. Since writing the book Kate and a team have set up something called the Doughnut Economics Action Lab as a way of ‘putting Doughnut Economics into practice’.

Meet Your Host

“Hello, I am Saffi Price, I live and work in Wolverhampton. I have been inspired by Kate Raworth’s book for a while, seeing Kate talk at Impact Hub in Birmingham a couple of years ago and following the journey of Doughnut Economics Action Lab. I wanted to engage more deeply with Kate’s ideas and not found a way to do this. I had also been really interested in Enrol Yourself’s Learning Journey framework and was yet to find a way to take part. Just by chance, I saw a tweet that caught my eye and I immediately knew I want to apply for this fantastic opportunity.

More about the learning journey

We are offering an opportunity to get involved in a peer learning journey that will help us all to think like 21st century economists and start to think and take action in our homes, streets and neighbourhoods. Beginning with bringing the ideas in the book off the page to deepen our understanding toward creating a showcase together to share with other groups to undertaking research and experiments and producing a final showcase in the summer of 2022. Some of the sessions will be held at weekends.

The team at Wolverhampton for Everyone are so excited to make this our focus for 2022. We are working with Gatis Community, as a member of our network, and together we will focus on the question ‘How might we create a sharing neighbourhood?’ working in and around the Gatis’ neighbourhood. You have the opportunity to create your own learning journey question within the overall sharing economy framework.

Please note: The deadline to apply is 9am on Friday 14th January 2022.