Trade School Online

Trade School Online is an exciting experiment created by the people behind Trade Schools in Dudley, Wolverhampton, Bearwood and Digbeth to connect, celebrate and share what people in our communities can do.

Trade School Online 2020

Following Trade School Wolverhampton 2019, WE are pleased to be teaming up with our friends from Trade Schools in Dudley, Bearwood and Digbeth to bring you Trade School Online 2020.

Collectively we are hosting over 15 classes in August / September, covering a whole host of topics including cooking, growing, designing, crafting, dog training, hearing loss, music industry, self-help & more!

Head on over to our Eventbrite page to find out about all of the upcoming classes & how you can get involved!


About Trade School:

Trade School is a non-traditional learning space where learners bring a barter item in exchange for class teachers sharing their knowledge and skills with others. A Trade School Class is a workshop where people barter for knowledge.

  • Knowledge can be practical skills, talents, knowledge and experience.
  • Anyone can teach, anyone can learn.
  • No teaching experience is required.
  • Everyone is welcome to attend classes.
  • No money exchanges hands.
  • Teachers give their knowledge in return for barter items.