Empowering Social Entrepreneurs Programme

Turn your idea, hobby, interest or passion into a project, enterprise or business that makes a difference to people, communities or the environment.

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs Programme October 2021

This is a free six week programme for aspiring entrepreneurs who also have a social mission. Whilst this is primarily for people in Wolverhampton there are limited places available for people further afield.

We cover a wide range of topics including how to communicate your vision, identify your unique selling point and discuss legal structures for your enterprise. We will identify key business planning tools and considerations to make your enterprise successful; all within a welcoming and relaxed group setting where we can share learning, ideas and resources. If you have an idea for a project or an enterprise but don’t know what to do next, then this programme could be for you.

The programme sessions include:

  • Your Vision, Mission, Values and Unique Selling Point
  • Customers, Competition, Other Stakeholders and Market Research
  • Sources of potential income and identifying what your costs will be
  • The different legal structures for enterprises
  • Business Planning – Tools that are useful for planning your enterprise
  • Making your enterprise successful – including considering risks, monitoring and evaluation
  • Networks, support, celebrations and next steps

The way this programme is delivered won’t be like formal classroom teaching that you may have experienced before. This is an online programme using Zoom. There will be input from the people leading the sessions, but our belief is that everyone who attends has something valuable to contribute.

The 6 sessions include discussions, activities, stories and the sharing of ideas, experience and networks. This will be a safe and confidential environment. We hope that those attending will support each other with suggestions and ideas, offering ongoing support.

Check out Pete & Sam’s blog post about the programme: